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2022 Fashion Belts Selection Recommendation

Belts are one of the essential items for clothing to wear. It can not only solve the improper waistband, but also reflect the exquisite matching. A belt can be matched with clothes, skirts, coats, and various styles. It is an indispensable accessory to enhance your temperament. This year's 10 popular belts of various brands are ready for you to choose.

1. Columbia Men's Poulsbo Belt

Why settle for one belt when you could have two-in-one? This reversible, casual belt allows you to easily switch from one side to the other in a beautiful leather-like fabrication that will match your jeans, khakis, and more...

High Lights

  • Reversible, rotative buckle with engraved logo

  • Cut edge style with stitching details along strap

2. Dockers Braided Leather Belt

Dockers Braided Leather Belt is a sturdy and durable belt. With a unique woven design, this woven belt has a textured look and can be worn with any style of outfit. It is a practical and beautiful belt that you can wear for casual or more formal...

High Lights

  • Unlimited hole bands

  • Versatile style

  • 100% leather

3. TIE BAR Braided Khaki Belt

The TIE BAR Braided Khaki Belt is a must-have belt. The style of this woven belt is simple and atmospheric, with leather trim and elastic weave. It can be matched with brown and navy blue suits. This TIE BAR belt is well-made and elegant in style.

High Lights

  • Elasticated Woven Belt with Leather Trim

  • Imported

4. L.L. Bean’s Comfort Waist Belt

L.L. Bean’s comfort waist belt is a combination of nylon and leather belt. This Elastic Belt comes with a stretch of nylon webbing to provide you with sufficient flexibility and comfort. This L.L. Bean belt is versatile, suitable for all occasions, and can be matched with waist pants and your favorite jeans and chinos.

High Lights

  • Nylon webbing with a hint of stretch for extra comfort.

  • Brass-finish buckle and leather tabs.

  • USA and imported.

5. Uniqlo Men Italian Leather Vintage Belt

Uniqlo Men Italian Leather Vintage Belt is a high-quality belt. This Uniqlo belt is made of Italian leather. The leather of the bull's shoulder is used, which is thicker and wrinkled on the surface, creating a retro feel...

High Lights

  • Made with milled Italian leather.

  • A softness that evokes a vintage, well-worn feel.

  • Durable hand-stitched construction.


This crocodile-embossed leather is durable and withstands everyday wear-and-tear. To maintain the leather, brush it with a soft brush. We also recommend regularly applying leather perfector to hydrate and waterproof the leather...

High Lights

  • Smooth crocodile embossed leather exterior

  • Leather lining

  • Closes with a gold-plated brass pin buckle

7. AllSaints Studded Belt

AllSaints Belt is a fashionable and trendy belt. This rivet belt has a simple and casual design to highlight the waist line. The belt is made of smooth leather fixed by a roller buckle, and the old retro feeling combined with the fashion sense makes this belt very outstanding.

High Lights

  • Fully adjustable

  • Debossed Ramskull

  • Nickel free

8. My Theresa Versace Belt with Logo Buckle

My Theresa Versace Belt with Logo Buckle is a light luxury Belt. The Versace Palazzo belt is made of leather in Italy with gold Medusa clasp. The belt is made of sleek black leather in Italy, with a V-shaped clasp that continues the brand's Baroque theme...

High Lights

  • material: leather

  • internal details: suede lining

  • colour of fastening: gold

9. Reiss Hayley Tan Leather Belt

Reiss Hayley Tan Leather Belt is a versatile Belt. The Leather Belts creates a stylish look for you and is perfect with long pants or a MIDI skirt for the weekend. This tanned Hayley belt is made of premium leather with gold detailing in the center. The Reiss belt is made of 100% leather with a thin, stylish and simple design.

High Lights

  • 100% leather

  • Gold-tone metal detail

  • Square-hinge fastening

10. Moda Operandi Khaite White Double Wrap Belt

Moda Operandi Khaite White Double Wrap Belt is a double wrap contour belt. This Double Wrap Belt is very distinctive, with a double-layer wrap design. This white belt is made of leather in the United States, white with a gold metal buckle...

High Lights

  • Vintage Belts

  • Design belts

  • simulated ivory and carnelian cabochons