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Lezat Jet Black Rib Face Mask

Editor's Review

Click here to buy Lezat Jet Black Rib Face Mask which is very suitable for daily wear. This protective mask is made of organic cotton and has a soft fabric. It fits the skin, suitable for all face shapes, and is easy to adjust. Even in this hot summer, the fit and style are perfect and breathable. Washable and reusable.

Lezat Jet Black Rib Face Mask


  • Lined with soft Organic cotton jersey

  • Fabric is soft and smooth on your skin

  • 3 layers of fabric for extra protection


  • Adjustable straps to mold to all face sizes

  • Metal nose bridge to secure it across the face

  • Ear loops are adjustable and made of soft fabric that stretches and recovers

  • Comfortable nose bridge metal is encased in soft fabric and does not need to be removed for washing


  • Unisex sizing (Size Chart)

  • Fully adjustable


Lezat Masks
Lezat Masks
Lezat Masks


  • They’ve lasted me forever as long as no dryer machine is involved and when washing you straighten the nose. My favorite face masks by far ! Very breathable and hasn’t made me break out because they don’t get humid!

  • Really great selection of masks. The fit and style are perfect and breathable even in this summer heat. Thanks Lezat!

  • i love this mask. i never have to worry about fogging my glasses up, plus it’s super soft and breathable while still being safe. i also love the style!

  • I like the fact that the mask goes up in the nose area. Where as the ones that are straight across the top make my glasses fog up. On this one the cheek part is lower on the face.