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2022 Fashion Necklace Style Guide

Shakespeare once said: "Jewelry, although silent, touches a woman's heart more than any words." If you want to be a beautiful and exquisite woman, just a set of clothes is not enough, you also need jewelry. A beautiful accessory can not only show your outstanding fashion taste, but also show your caution and become a small key to open the gap between you and others. Here are ten classic necklaces that we recommend for both men and women, and please remember that beauty is unisex.

1. Bvlgari B.ZERO1 Necklace

Bvlgari is a well-known brand, and its Bvlgari Jewelry is also a frequent visitor to the major shows. The Bvlgari B.Zero1 Grass is a spiral design grass necklace.

High Lights

  • rose gold

  • shiny and beautiful

  • classic

2. Pandora Me Link Necklace

My favorite sterling silver necklace today is the Pandora Me Link Necklace. It's a snake - chain textured links necklace for you to wear with whatever pendant you like.

High Lights

  • sliver simple classic chain

  • can satisfy a multitude of preferences

3. Swarovski Dancing Swan Necklace

In recent years, Swarovski Jewelry has been known as "dating must-have", whether as a holiday gift or a girl to choose their own accessories, it will become the first choice of the public.

High Lights

  • Simple and elegant

  • Minimalist and unique

4. Dior EVOLUTION Necklace

Dior EVOLUTION Necklace is also a staple of elegance, the alphabet pendant necklace features a simple, slim gold chain coupled with the letter "DIOR."

High Lights

  • White crystals

  • 'Dior' signature

  • Letter charms

  • Gold-finish metal

5. H SAMUEL 9ct White Gold 20 Inch Criss Cross Chain Necklace

If you love the minimalist necklace, don't miss the H Samuel 9CT White Gold 20 Inch Criss Cross Chain Necklace! Made by 9CT white gold, it is durable and does not go dark, making it a great choice either on its own or with a pendant.

High Lights

  • Simple

  • unisex

6. MIANSAI Heritage Gold-Plated and Enamel Necklace

Different from the minimalist necklace just introduced, this MIANSAI Heritage Gold-Plated and Enamel Necklace is a cool style necklace. The sterling silver chain pendant, paired with the coin style pendant and the blue enamel pendant, inadvertently highlights the personality.

High Lights

  • Sterling Silver

  • Blue Enamel

7. Ambush Pill Case Silver Necklace

The Ambush Pill Case Silver Necklace is on today's list because we think it's a chic necklace.

High Lights

  • combines beauty and practicality

  • sterling silver

8. Chan Luu Clear Quartz Y Necklace

Chan Luu Clear Quartz Y Necklace is a very eye-catching necklace, composed of white pearl collar with a transparent quartz pendants, sending out the fashionable breath.

High Lights

  • white pearls and labradorite

  • 19" - 21" adjustable.

  • Handmade in Vietnam.

9. Vanessa Mooney The Vandal Door Knocker Necklace

Vanessa Mooney the vandal door knocker necklaces is a lion head pendant necklaces. The overall design of the necklace is very imaginative. The pendant part is a lion title to live in a ring.

High Lights

  • Unique

  • vintage-inspired look

10. KHIRY Khartoum Pendant Necklace

The KHIRY Khartoum Pendant Necklace is a sterling silver necklace that is perfect for everyday wear. This classic necklace features Khiry's famous Khartoum silhouette. The sterling silver polished necklace sparkles in the sun.

High Lights

  • combination of timelessness and minimalism

  • elegant