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Dior EVOLUTION Necklace

The Dio(r)evolution necklace is elegant and timeless. The 'D.I.O.R.' letters are suspended on a gold-finish metal chain, and the letter 'O' is paved in white crystals to add shimmer to the neck. This is an effortless style which can be worn with other Dio(r)evolution pieces.

Editor's Review

Dior EVOLUTION Necklace is also a staple of elegance, the alphabet pendant necklace features a simple, slim gold chain coupled with the letter "DIOR." Around and become by white crystal "O" form letter in low-key reveal luxurious elegance. Even when worn alone, this necklace does not look very monotonous. The DIOR monogram necklace has always been a very popular style, and a little star has been added to the new necklace for a more playful look than the previous design.


Dior Necklace
Dior Necklace