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KHIRY Khartoum Pendant Necklace

1 inch khartoum pendant, with generous proportions for a bold shine that won't proclude everyday wear, in polished sterling silver or gold vermeil. 1 inch height on 18 inch snake chain.

Editor's Review

The KHIRY Khartoum Pendant Necklace is a sterling silver necklace that is perfect for everyday wear. This classic necklace features Khiry's famous Khartoum silhouette. The sterling silver polished necklace sparkles in the sun.

If you don't like too many charms or intricate patterns, this necklace is a great choice. The combination of timelessness and minimalism sets off a simple yet mysterious beauty. Whether you need to attend a party or a wedding, all you need to do is wear this simple necklace for an elegant look.