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Pandora Me Link Necklace

Show the world all of the unique things that you love with the Pandora Me Link Necklace. This chunky necklace features three snake-chain textured links that can be styled with your favorite Pandora Me dangle charms. Each link can be styled with up to eight Pandora Me dangles. The chunky sterling silver design brings an edgy vibe to any look and can be styled and restyled to match your mood. The Pandora Me necklace is only compatible with Pandora Me mini charms.

Editor's Review

My favorite sterling silver necklace today is the Pandora Me Link Necklace. It's a snake - chain textured links necklace for you to wear with whatever pendant you like. Even if you're wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans, wearing it will make you a fashionista in no time!


Pandora Necklace
Pandora Necklace
Pandora Necklace


  • I love this necklace so much I never take it off its my fav necklace to wear everyday hey Pandora the charms are awesome but do you think maybe someday you can make bigger charms other then that it’s the best

  • Bought this for my Fiancée birthday and she absolutely loved it. I also bought the matching bracelet too, Looks great on her!

  • got this necklace at my local Pandora and I just love the chunky look of it. Originally I just had the bracelet but the combo of the two just makes it better. I typically just put one pendant on, and sometimes I take out a few links to turn it into a choker!

  • I bought this for my daughter to match the bracelet she had. I was surprised how heavy it was. It is a really solid necklace and she was delighted with it.

  • I really like it a lot! It definitely has a good weight and look to it. I like that you can open the link in the front to add charms or put on instead of the ball clasp in the back. Only thing I do not like is it really gets hot when I’m under the hairdryer. I really love the fact that it has a matching bracelet. This necklace with the bracelet has a mature look that I like.

  • I absolutely love this necklace, I got the bracelet too, but got the biggest size bracelet so that some of the links could be removed and added to the necklace as I prefer a longer chain.