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SOJOS Journey Sunglasses

SOJOS Journey Sunglasses is a are especially eye-catching sunglasses. Its classic tortoise color is a single point that highlights a sense of fashion. Made with ultra-lightweight materials, this pair of sunglasses will make you feel very comfortable.


SOJOS Sunglasses


  • I was surprised at how lightweight these sunglasses are but they're great and the lenses are very dark sometimes too dark. Will be buying a second pair in a different color soon.

  • I’ve had all brands of sunglasses. These are hands down my favorite over ANY. No tangling in the hair, no heaviness!

  • Best glasses I have EVER OWNED!!! they are so lightweight. I bough another pair! Yes glasses hurt my nose but these are the lightest weight glasses I’ve ever owned.

  • I own a pair of Ray Bans that are ultra lightweight, mirrored, and polarized. These are as good or better at a fraction of the price. These are AMAZING!! I bought two pair with different colored lenses. The only issue with them is they are so lightweight that if they fall you do not notice.

  • These sunglasses are so light weight and the packaging is better than all the expensive sunglasses I own. I bought a second pair

  • Very lightweight and flexible. They do not get caught in my hair when I rest them on top of my head. I’ve used them at the lake this weekend and the color of the water and sky are beautiful! Definitely polarized.

  • I cannot rave about these glasses enough!! They were exactly what I was looking for. Super light weight and comfortable, great quality at such a reasonable price! I will definitely be buying more in the future!