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Numeric 212

The Pro Court 212 skate shoe is the New Balance Numeric version of an original New Balance classic clay court tennis silhouette from the 70s. Adopted by professional skateboarders, this version retains the original relaxed shape, adding suede, asymmetrical material selections and custom made drop-in polyurethane inserts giving support, comfort and added durability.

Editor's Review

New Balance Numeric 212 Canvas Shoes perfectly combines the classic tennis shoes of the 70s with modern design. These durable canvas shoes are made of high-quality and durable suede leather and canvas uppers, with a multi-layer toe design and a strong sense of fashion. Classic court style canvas shoes are made of rubber outsole for excellent grip and durability.


New Balance Canvas Shoes
New Balance Canvas Shoes
New Balance Canvas Shoes


  • Nothing is perfect BUT I do love this pair of shoes the color the fit and the overall look , it's a pretty thin shoe I don't use it for skating but I do used it everyday after work , they look great 👍🏼

  • Shoe looked great, was super comfy, true to size, and so light, it felt like I barely had any shoes on at all! My only gripe was that the tongue dug into my ankle and chafed it, but that was a more so a problem with my foot/ankle, not the shoe. Ended up returning, but should be great for most others.

  • My new favorite skate shoes and my second pair. I do a lot of flip tricks and these can take a beating, although I do recommend reinforcing the shoes laces. They feel great out of the box, excellent board feel and just enough impact support.

  • I love the look of these shoes, I got the green, and have gotten many compliments already. They fit great too. My only gripe is the cushioning isn't that great. It's ok. I can see these becoming uncomfortable after only a short time wearing them. I'll look to get a replacement liner soon and hopefully that fixes it.

  • Ive just switched from nike to new balance. Since 379's werent in stock i decided to go for a pair of these. They feel amazing on the board and dont wear as fast as my nikes did.

  • I have each model in the Numerics lineup, and the 212 is the best vulcanized shoe I've tried. They're cool with the canvas, the toe box has room and isn't overly narrow. After swapping insoles with a pair of Remind Medic's, it instantly felt even more solid/secure. Note: The Azborb insoles are very comfy, but I needed more arch support overall. I revised a pair of 255s with the stock 212 insoles.. shoe hacks!