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McAllister Wingtip Oxford with Dainite Rubber Sole

The McAllister wing tip from Allen Edmonds exudes stylish sophistication. With its rich leather upper, classic styling, and distinguished perforation detail, this shoe will add the perfect polish to your dress wardrobe. Dust bag included. Founded in 1922, Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corporation manufactures premium men's footwear, accessories, and cedar products using the philosophy of quality, service and integrity. Taking shoemaking to the level of an art form, each pair of Allen-Edmonds shoes are carefully crafted by hand in a process that includes 212 separate production steps. No detail is too small, because supreme quality is the cornerstone of the Allen-Edmonds name. Recraftable

Editor's Review

Since 1922, Allen Edmonds has been popular for high quality leather shoes. Allen Edmonds Mcallister Wingtip Oxford Leather Shoes feature brockle-style wingtips and a classic color palette that makes them a perfect shoe for a gentleman. They have a lanyard design that allows even people with high arches to handle them easily. Its unique 212-step production process effectively ensures the texture and comfort of the shoes.


Allen Edmonds Leather Shoes
Allen Edmonds Leather Shoes
Allen Edmonds Leather Shoes
Allen Edmonds Leather Shoes


  • Lace-up oxford dress shoe

  • Wingtip balmoral with perforated brogue styling

  • Dress it up or down, perfect any way you style it

  • Classic Fit, fits true to size


  • 360º Bench Welt construction for durability and stability

  • CustomCork™ insole forms a custom fit

  • Black Dainite rubber sole


  • I simply enjoy the color and fit of these shoes. I’m an athletic fit 5 foot 11.5 inches and wear size 10.5 shoes. These shoes fit like a well formed glove. The rubber soles are awesome and don’t make my feet look disproportionately large which was a concern of mine. The color is also stunning and I can’t wait for it to age. Every gentleman should own a pair.

  • Lost my head and tried another brand. Shoes arrived, late and ill-fitting. Recovered my head and ordered from Allen Edmonds. Shoes arrived quickly, fit was perfect as always and the quality is consistently excellent. I promise not to cheat again.

  • Being my first pair of Allen Edmonds, initially I was a tad bit worried about the quality of the shoes on account of reading so many polarizing reviews on here but as soon as I received my order and opened the shoebox I was in complete awe. I was moved to tears at the sight of the sheer craftsmanship of the shoe, not only is the shoe durable but aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I'm extremely pleased with my shoes, I feel like I've just purchased a blue chip stock, I'm definitely going to order some more pairs. Allen Edmonds just earned a lifetime customer.

  • Comfortable right out of the box. My first wearing was a full day on and off my feet, could not ask for a better fit or more comfortable shoes. Quality is what I have come to expect from AE. Dainite soles are amazing.

  • I have been very fortunate with my AE purchases. This was no exception and such a great shoe. The model was the 6226 and did NOT disappoint. The shoe quickly found a spot in my shoe rotation due to its versatile looks and functionality.

The color was a dark chili which was deep enough as we had folks pull out all shades of the shoe for comparing for color. It was easily very dressy and stands out for it that it's lethal AND INFORMAL. THE BROWN HAS SO MUCH TO OFFER THE LEAGUE due to the sleek styling and works as both a casual AND SEMI FORMAL wear. I highly recommend

  • Managed to snag the Merlot color for $250 and am very pleased. I went into the whole ordeal knowing the shoes ran long and narrow, which is fine for me. I wear a 12 3E in most other shoes and bought the same size in these. The width is just about right, little tight right now (mainly across the throat line), but I'm sure it'll stretch to accommodate my enormous foot. The shoes are about a quarter- to half-inch longer than most of my other shoes. However, if I were to size down they would be too tight. Somehow, the heel isn't too bothersome to me, which is odd for hard leather shoes such as these.