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The Original

These leather shoes' soles are made with new, proprietary materials that deliver surprisingly sweet comfort, all day long. Their A-grade full grain leather comes from one of the best tanneries in the world, who also happen to be our business partner; that means you get incredible quality at a price you won’t find anywhere else. The shoes are then made by masters in Portugal who have decades of experience but also aren’t afraid to get a little futuristic with it. This is a totally different type of shoe.

Editor's Review

Amberjack The Original Leather Shoes are a-ground leather shoes, and they have arch support in the soles to give you strong support when you're walking outdoors. These popular leather shoes are made of premium full-grain blend leather for high comfort and breathability to keep feet dry and comfortable at all times.


Amberjack Leather Shoes
Amberjack Leather Shoes
Amberjack Leather Shoes
Amberjack Leather Shoes
Amberjack Leather Shoes
Amberjack Leather Shoes


Vertically sourced a-grade leather

They’re vertically integrated with one of the world’s leading tanneries, so they use premium A-Grade hides from American steer and offer it to you at an unbeatable price.

Heat-activated arch support

They’ve got fancy foam that uses heat to form to your foot. It’s like memory foam but more durable so it’ll stay supportive way longer.

Super-soft buck skin lining

Your feet will be hugged in buttery-soft sheepsking lining that's laser perforated to allow airflow. You’ll basically not want to wear socks.


  • Got my pair of Amberjacks las t week! Look great and, most important, they are very comfortable!

  • I consider myself a pretty discerning consumer and spend at lot of time evaluating reviews before I purchase a product. I hope that this review will help assuage any concerns a prospective customer may have.

I work in food sales so I am on my feet countless hours of the day. I have owned multiple pairs of Zero Grands which are great products in their own right. Decided to give AJ a try and I can confidently say I will never own another pair of dress shoes. They are extremely comfortable, look great, and fit great. Sometimes the zero grands can look a little too modern for some tastes. The AJ originals are simply just a good, quality Oxford in appearance with the added bonus of being insanely comfortable. If I did have some constructive criticism it would be that the airflow leaves a little to be desired but I do work in a very warm environment. Otherwise this is essentially a perfect product and I look forward to them lasting a long time.

  • I have been struggling w plantar fasciitis in left foot. The shoes have helped while I rehabilitate. Also very nice looking .

  • I bought these while simultaneously buying 3 other brands of dress shoes. When I tried them all on, Amberjack was the most comfortable by far. I only wish that they had some dressier options and more availability of their other colors.

  • I can be on my feet for the whole workday as though I were wearing comfortable sneakers, but they look so much like dress shoes!