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Natural Rubber Sole Slipper

Felt shoe of 100% pure natural wool in the classic color grey with a sole of natural rubber.

An indoor shoe allowing you to walk out with your garbage or empty your mailbox.

The shape of the shoe follows the contours of the foot, ensuring the shoe stays on.

Editor's Review

Glerups The Slip-on With Natural Rubber Sole Slipper is an odor-free slipper, pure natural wool was added to make the shoes warm and ventilate, and at the same time it could absorb the moisture. This simple slipper features a rubber sole and a shock absorbent design for excellent slip resistance and comfort.


Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers
Glerups Slippers


  • These are the best slippers. I don't like the fluffy slippers with lots of decorations. I also wanted a soft sole so I don't clunk around. I believe in the whole indoor/outdoor slipper thing these days - shoes for outside, slippers for inside. I'm just a straight up, plain, but durable and comfortable slipper girl. I've tried Acorn, Hafflinger, and a million others, but I've finally found what I've been looking for in the Glerups and I'll never go back. They are true to size always - I'm always a Ero 37, and that's what I got - perfect. They're warm without making my feet sweat. The shoe style is great if your worried about them slipping off your feet, although I will try the mules for ease of getting them off and on quickly.

  • This is my second pair of Glerups and I can't imagine not having a pair or two around in the future. If you live in a cooler climate or climate with cold seasons these cannot be beat...For years I layered and wore through tons of house-socks in an effort to keep my feet toasty. I was initially hesitant to try these due to the price, but now I cannot recommend them enough. Glerups are astoundingly effective at keeping my feet warm while being both flexible and durable enough that I feel I can curl up on the couch in them or run outside to grab the mail or do light gardening. The first thing I do when come home from work is exchange my running or work shoes for my Glerups and my feet thank me...They are also incredibly durable; I only bought a second pair on Amazon because the first I purchased at a local shoe store were actually a size too small and after a year of daily wear my pinky toe wore a hole into the wool upper.

  • Pricey, simplistic slipper. You get exactly what you see, They are comfortable. No itchiness that some wool products create. Some people have mentioned they have no arch support, which is true. The snugness of the slipper does provide a bit of support. I have veryr high arches that require support; these slippers are acceptable for morning and evening wear. They have a minimalist sophistication with quality construction. I never leave them alone on the floor. My dog has a true fascination for them.