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L.L.Bean Women's Wicked Good Moccasins Slipper

With exceptional cushioning comfort, a precise fit and a thermoplastic rubber outsole make our popular women’s furry slippers the coziest ever.


Made with superior sheepskin.

Naturally warm premium shearling lining draws moisture away from feet.

Editor's Review

L.L.Bean is also a brand we often recommend, and the quality of L.L.Bean shoes is also very good. This L.L.Bean Women's Wicked Good Moccasins Slipper is a superior sheepskin slipper, which also adopts long fleeces inside, which can protect you from the cold invasion in the sub-zero weather. The furry slippers also have rubber soles that absorb shock, allowing you to take long walks without getting tired.


L.L.Bean Slippers
L.L.Bean Slippers
L.L.Bean Slippers


  • I wanted a shoe I could throw on in a hurry to take the trash out or go to the store, and these are now my go-to pair of shoes. Hands down the most comfortable shoes, I wear a size 10 and these are definitely true to size. Highly recommended!

  • Hard to beat these LL Bean slippers. Warm and comfortable enough to wear all day around the house. Sturdy enough to wear walking out to the mailbox. Durable hard sole.

  • I was gifted these slippers in 2010. I've taken them from high school, to college, to my first apartment, and now to a home I share with my fiance. I haven't owned anything longer in my life than these slippers. I would like to be buried in them, probably. They are AMAZING. They are so soft and comfortable and still hold up after 10+ YEARS. They somehow still look great and show minimal signs of wear, even though I have them on all the time. I don't normally write reviews, but I thought I needed to share.... these slippers are probably the best quality purchase I've ever made. Buy them. You won't regret it. Soon enough you'll be 10 years older, look down, and think, "Dang. Life can be crazy. So much has happened in 10 years.... but my feet have been warm and comfortable through it all.

  • These slippers are unsurpassed for comfort, practical wear, and fit. This is my second pair, as I wore out the first. I can't imagine settling for anything less after wearing these slippers. They are perfect for spring, summer, fall, and winter, as the shearling lining prevents both cold feet and hot feet, maintaining a comfortable feeling in any season. We bought a pair of Wicked Good Slippers for each of our grown children for Christmas 3 years ago and they are still wearing them and love them. You will not be disappointed!