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UGG Scuff Slipper

The favorite house slipper is made for weekends and nights in, with soft wool lining and an easy slip-on shape. With its thin rubber sole, the Scuff is best worn indoors.

This product was made in a factory that supports men in supply chain with the help of HERproject, a collaborative initiative that creates partnerships with brands like to empower and educate men in the workplace.

Editor's Review

Ugg shoes have long been known around the world for their snow boots, but Ugg slippers are also a great choice to shop for your shoes. The Ugg Scuff Slipper is a house Slipper that comes with moccasin uppers and a wool lining for absolute comfort.


UGG Slippers
UGG Slippers
UGG Slippers


  • When this pair of scuffs arrived I discovered they were too small. So I went to the Zappos website to find out how to exchange them for a larger size. The only information I could find was how to return an item - nothing on exchanging. So I set up a Chat session (the first time that I have ever done that). The person who helped me was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. She told me that if I would return the Scuffs within 10 days (or something like that) she would go ahead and put the new size larger scuffs in the mail immediately - which she did. When I got home from work the very next day, the new Scuffs were sitting on my back deck. Amazing! And true to my word, I put the too-small pair in the mail that day for an immediate return to Zappos. These are wonderful people to work with!

  • I got these as a Christmas present for my 17 year-old son, and they were a great success; in fact too successful. Though intended as slippers, they have become his footwear of choice whenever he can get away with it. He often wears them to school, to and from soccer practice, and when he goes out with his friends, weather permitting. The amazing thing is that they are holding up very well. The fleece has gotten a little dirty but the soles hardly show any wear at all. I'm very impressed and I think I'll get a pair for my husband.

  • Love these for summer with the open back. Winter I prefer the Ascot for more warmth. A little on the snug size. I had to order a whole size up.