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Suede Classic XXI Women's Sneakers

The Suede hit the scene in 1968 and has been changing the game ever since. It’s been worn by the icons of every generation and it’s stayed classic through it all. This year, they relaunch the Suede with fresh colorways and subtle design updates. Classic as ever, for all-time.

Editor's Review

PUMA Suede Classic XXI Women's Sneakers have updated the Suede series with new colors and designs. The details of these Classic Sneakers are very delicate, with a classic suede low-top style, full suede upper and full lace closure. The side of the PUMA Sneakers are decorated with gold foil PUMA Suede markings, and the modern update smoothes the edges and simplifies the outline.


Puma Sneakers
Puma Sneakers
Puma Sneakers
Puma Sneakers


  • I love these shoes, but I was not able to keep them. They are beautiful. Beautifully made. Amazing turquoise color. Really cool, old school sneakers. I would have loved to be able to keep them, but I tried 3 sizes and was not comfortable in any of them. Basically they are stiff and the toe box is very flat. The shoes made my feet feel claustrophobic. I could not wiggle my toes at all and even the 9 which was too big, (too long) did not provide enough space in the toe area for me to feel comfortable. I suppose if you have flat, narrow feet, you would feel comfortable. Or maybe it was a matter of wearing them enough until they softened up so i wouldn't feel so restricted in there. How I wanted to keep them, but I knew I would never wear them.

  • I like Puma's but it is important that I wear suede or leather and not the "man made materials" or "faux leather" because I bought a pair of Puma's last year and thought they were leather and they don't wear very well if they are the fake leather. The shoe forms to my foot better if it is real leather and they last much longer as well. So when I buy Puma's or any other pair of sneakers I check what they are made of. I like mesh sneakers as well because they are made for the foot to breath and they stretch as you move. Anyway, I like these because they look very good on me and they are pretty comfortable. I think they run a little small so I just bought a new pair of Puma's and ordered a 1/2 size up.

  • Absolutely love these shoes! Been after them for ages and had them at a bargain! Delivery was very punctual!

  • These are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I've ever worn. They are a LITTLE wider than how my typical sneakers fit (Converse), but it's no issue for me. They are soft, well-padded on the inside for extra comfort, and somehow don't have smell issues even when I wear them a few days in a row. The only issue I have with the classic suede style is that the black color runs a little into the white swoosh design and ends up looking a little muddy.

  • I wear a size 6.5 in flat shoes but I normally get size 7 sneakers for comfort. There is no need to go up a size in these sneakers. The 6.5 fits perfectly with plenty of toe room. They're super comfortable and a really good look if you like an old-school style. The color is a bright peach with an off white swoop. I've gotten lots of compliments on them.