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Popular with and tested by some of the best ultra-runners, the S/LAB ULTRA 3 is designed for long-distance performance and comfort. The lighter construction combines a more resistant, breathable mesh upper with cushioning for maximum bounce. With a Contagrip® outsole, you’ll power through the kilometers, however wet and slippery the conditions.

Editor's Review

SALOMON S/LAB ULTRA 3 Sneakers Very popular among super runners. The S/Lab Sense series is designed for speed, while the S/Lab Ultra series is designed for longer-term efforts. This Trail Running Sneakers uses a more durable, breathable mesh upper and cushioning design, which is extremely comfortable. The outsole uses Contagrip technology to give you a steady grip.


Salomon Sneakers
Salomon Sneakers
Salomon Sneakers
Salomon Sneakers
Salomon Sneakers
Salomon Sneakers


  • I’ve worn my ultra 3s hundred of miles and they keep my feet pretty happy. Love the traction, love the fit, but like many others I have to mention that the lacing system is tough on these. Otherwise, they are great and I will likely get another pair.

I have worn these shoes on basically every surface and they do well with it all!

  • I have been trail running and speed hiking in Solomon’s exclusively for MANY years and view my Ultra 3’s as bulletproof over long distances and across diverse terrain. They were my weapon of choice when summiting the Middle Teton with my kids this summer and were the perfect blend of comfort, grip and durability. These shoes have so many applications and I will be interested to see how they compare with the Salomon Ultra Glides that I just ordered.

  • I have never been let down by Salomon and the ultra 3, SLab’s were no exception. Grip is impeccable and I could run long out of the box. Sock liner keeps the rocks and debris out and the comfort level from 100 k to 100 miles is exactly what I needed. Once more Salomon has produced a winner.

  • Having had several pairs of the S/Lab Ultra from the first edition and can say they continue to improve and the 3 is no exception. A very comfortable shoe and a good standard fit, they also drain and dry very quickly. The one point that prevented me from giving these 5 stars is the ‘Debris Sock’ as it is a bit loose and did not prevent dirty entering the shoe. I’d say these sock is either extended higher up the ankle or it is made a bit tighter.

  • Now on my second pair of the Ultra 3 as I use them for all trail running and trail races above around 20k (for anything less, I race in the Amphibs). Really love how comfy the Ultra 3's are, largely thanks to the sock-like fit and lace-lock. Good amount of stiffness in the sole and plenty of traction. Wearing of sole is to be expected given how many miles I put into them. Only downside is that I don't love the colours (they're fine, but not as good as some of the other s/lab designs). Hoping for some good colours with the Ultra 4!

  • I have had these for quite a while, over 200 miles on the 1st pair and just bought a 2nd backup pair. The comfort goes all day and all night if you need it to. This shoe has a much more durable upper material than previous models yet it still maintains superior breathability and they drain quite quickly after moving through river and creeks. This shoe is amazing.